Setting Passwords in RAR Files


Setting Passwords in RAR Files

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1. Run WinRAR and navigate the directory where your files are located.
2. Select the files and/or directories that you want to add to a RAR file and select menu "Commands" > "Add files to archive". The "Archive name and parameters" dialog box shows up.
3. Click the "Advanced" tab and click the "Set password" button. The "Archiving with password" dialog box shows up.
4. Enter a password and click the OK button to close the "Archiving with password" dialog box.
5. Continue to finish adding the selected files to a RAR file.
6. Close WinRAR and run WinRAR again.
7. Navigate to the directory where the RAR is stored and double click on the RAR file. The "Enter password" dialog box shows up.
8. Enter the same password you used when creating this RAR and click the OK button.
9. The files in the RAR file will be listed in the WinRAR window.

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