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Router Connection
How to connect your computer to a wireless router? Here are the steps of how to connect your computer to the Internet through a wireless router? Connect your wireless router to an existing Internect connection, like a DSL modem. Connect the power supply to your wireless router. Power on the DSL mode...
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💬 2020-02-15 CINDY: THANKS

💬 2009-01-30 Hi Tommy, what is the maker and model of your router? Usually the default password is specific for each maker and model.

💬 2009-01-28 Tommy: while trying to secure my router I keep recieving unathorized when I type in the pass word admin

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Connection Requirements
What are required to use wireless routers to connect to the Internet? If you want to connect to the Internet with a wireless router, you need to have: An existing Internect connection, like DSL modem connected to the Internet. A wireless router. A wireless adapter (built-in or add-on to your compute...
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💬 2019-10-16 berry johnson: I was looking for the related driver. Surprisingly I found your article which helped me to install back the driver. Still, I was...

💬 2008-04-16 @Ann, maybe what you need is a long cable running from the dish modem to your computer.

💬 2008-04-14 Ann Swisher: i was told that i can use my belkin router to connect with the dish sat. system i just had put in. My problem is my computer is ...

Router IP Addresses
If you are using a wireless router to connecting to the Internet through a DSL modem, how many IP addresses are used in this connection? If your computer is connected to a wireless router, which is connected to the Internet through a DSL modem, there are probably 4 dynamic IP addresses used to form ...
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💬 2016-06-20 DeetRar: After I initially commented I clicked the -Notify me when new comments are added- checkbox and now each time a comment is added ...

Internet Connection Configuration
How to configure your system for Wireless Internet connection? Once your wireless router is connected to the Internet, you need to follow the steps below to configure your Windows system to connect to the Internet through the wireless router: 1. Click Start, Control Panel, the Network Connections. Y...
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Router Configuration
How to configure a wireless router? Usually, wireless routers are shipped with a default configuration. You can use it right away without changing any configurations. But if you want review and change the default configurations, you can do this access the router's Web interface with the following UR...
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💬 2013-04-10 Aaron: wont let me on the page what to do

new laptop
new laptop: Compaq, win7, wireless DSL its hard-connected to a desktop pc, and provides a wireless internet, that is serving one laptop, Compaq, WinVista. I just got a new Compaq Laptop, Win7, it can see the wireless provider, but not my wireless network. I have tried Windows connection Wizard, and ...
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WIFI speed
When i directly connect to modem using ethernet cable, I get speed of 200kbps. But when i connect via a WIFI router as wireless (using only one laptop) i get speed lessthan 20kbps. Why? and what is the solution? The speed of the network connection is determined by the network device. On most compute...
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What is WiFi? WiFi (Wi-Fi) stands for "Wireless Fidelity". WiFi is a set of product compatibility standards for wireless local area networks (WLAN) based on the IEEE 802.11 specifications.
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What is a wireless router? A wireless router is a special network router that connects workstations wirelessly and routes network traffic between workstations and an existing Internet connection. An example of wireless routers is the Cisco Linsys WRT54GC wireless router shown below: .
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Network Connection Verification
How to verify if your system is connected to the wireless network? Windows system has two commands "ipconfig" and "ping" that allows you to verify if your system is connected to the wireless network or not. If you run the "ipconfig /all" in a command window, you should get a response like this: C:>i...
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