"My Bluetooth Places" on Windows XP


What is "My Bluetooth Places" on my Windows XP system?

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"My Bluetooth Places" is third-party software that was installed as part of a Bluetooth package on top of your Windows XP system.

If installed properly, you should see the "My Bluetooth Places" icon showing up on your desktop like this:

My Bluetooth Places
My Bluetooth Places

"My Bluetooth Places" allows you to do these tasks:

1. Add a Bluetooth device - Helps you to find and configure other Bluetooth devices.

2. View my Bluetooth services - Displays a list of Bluetooth services provided on your computer.

3. View devices in range - View Bluetooth devices that can currently be discovered.

4. View or modify configuration - Helps you to configure your Bluetooth device. This is a shortcut to the "Bluetooth Configuration" program in "Control Panel".


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