Create a Passkey Yourself for a Bluetooth Connection


When initiating a Bluetooth connection from "My Bluetooth Places" sometimes it will not generate a PIN code for you to use on the remote device. It will ask you to enter the Passkey of the remote device instead. What Passkey value to enter in this case?



If "My Bluetooth Places" asks you enter the Passkey of the remote device when you try to initiate a Bluetooth connection, you can actually create a Passkey yourself and enter it on both devices.

1. Make sure that Bluetooth is turned on for your laptop and cell phone.

2. Double click on "MYPHONE" Bluetooth icon in "Search for devices in range" of "My Bluetooth Places". You will see the "Bluetooth Security Setup" windows showing up.

3. If you a system generated PIN code, try the code on your cell phone. You will get a failed message. Or it will time out, if you don't enter anything on your cell phone.

4. Click "Try Again" on "Bluetooth Security Setup". It will ask you to enter the Passkey of the targeting device, which is your cell phone:

To complete the paring process, type the required passkey,
and then click Next. If you do not know the Passkey, see
the instructions that came with MYPHONE.

Actually, Samsung SGH-A777 does not have any predefined Passkey. You can create one yourself with numbers like "697277" and enter it on the laptop side first. See the picture below:

Bluetooth Security Setup - Create Passkey
Bluetooth Security Setup - Create Passkey

Don't forget to click "Next" before going to enter it on your cell phone.


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