List of Services of a Connected Remote Device


What services are provided by a connected remote Bluetooth device?



If you establishes a Bluetooth connection with in "My Bluetooth Places" you will see a list of services provided by the remote device in the "Bluetooth Security Setup" screen.

1. Make sure that Bluetooth is turned on for your laptop and cell phone.

2. Establish the connection in "My Bluetooth Places" on your Windows XP as shown in the previous tutorial.

3. At the end of connection process, you will see a list of services offered by the cell phone on the "Bluetooth Security Setup" screen on your laptop.

Services offered your Samsung SGH-A777 cell phone are:

- HSP PS Audio Gateway: Establish an audio connection between this computer and a Bluetooth enabled phone or other Bluetooth device as an Audio Gateway. When connected, this computer requires the remote device's speakers and microphone.

- Dialup Networking: Connect to the Internet using a Bluetooth enabled telephone modem or other Bluetooth device that offers the Dialup Networking service.

- Serial Server: Establish a virtual serial port connection with a remote Bluetooth device. The connection can then be used by any application that supports the COM port number assigned.

- Object Exchange: Exchange business cards with a remote Bluetooth device. Send Personal Information Manager (PIM) items such as calendar items, contacts, notes and messages to a remote Bluetooth device.

- File Transfer: Browse another Bluetooth device's Public Folder or send and receive files to and from another Bluetooth device.

See the picture below:

Bluetooth Security Setup - Remote Services
Bluetooth Security Setup - Remote Services


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