Initiate Bluetooth Connection from Samsung SGH-A777


How to initiate Bluetooth connection from you Samsung SGH-A777 cell phone?



If you don't want to initiate the Bluetooth connection from your laptop, you can initiate the Bluetooth connection from your SGH-A777 cell phone:

1. Make sure that Bluetooth is turned on for your laptop and cell phone.

2. Make sure that the Bluetooth icon is running in your Windows XP system tray.

3. Press "Menu" and select "Settings" on your SGH-A777 cell phone.

4. Select "Connectivity" and select "Bluetooth".

5. Select "Search for New Device". The cell phone will search and find the Bluetooth device on your laptop. "MYLAPTOP" shows up on the cell phone representing the laptop device.

6. Select "MYLAPTOP". It will prompt you for Passkey.

7. Enter "654321" as the Passkey and press "Pair".

8. A pop up message shows up from the Bluetooth icon on your laptop:

Bluetooth Security Code Required

Bluetooth device "MYPHONE" is attempting to connect to this computer.
Click here to proceed with the connection.
To deny access, ignore this prompt.

See picture below:
Bluetooth Tray Message - Connection Request


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