Bluetooth Icon in the System XP Tray Area


What is the Bluetooth icon in the system tray area on my Windows XP system?



The Bluetooth icon in the system tray area represents the Bluetooth tray program which provide quick access to Bluetooth functions offered by the Bluetooth package installed on your Windows XP system.

On a ThinkPad laptop, the Bluetooth tray program file is located at: C:\Program Files\ThinkPad\Bluetooth Software\BTTray.exe. It provides access to these functions:

Explore My Bluetooth Places
Add a Bluetooth Device
Bluetooth Configuration
Send Business Card
Bluetooth Serial Port
Network Access
Dial-up Networking
File Transfer
PIM Synchronization
Hands-free Audio
Stereo Audio
Audio Gateway

See the picture below:

Bluetooth Icon in System Tray
Bluetooth Icon in System Tray


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