Network Services Supported by Bluetooth Device


What network services are supported by my Bluetooth device?



If you want to find out what network services are supported by your Bluetooth device on your Windows XP system, you can use the "Local Services" tab on the "Bluetooth Configuration" tool:

1. Turn on the Bluetooth radio as shown in the previous tutorial.

2. Click "Start" > "Control Panel".

3. Double click "Bluetooth Configuration".

4. Click the "Local Services" tab, you will see a list network services supported by the Bluetooth device:

Service Name          Startup     Secure Connection
Printer               Automatic   Required
Bluetooth Imaging     Automatic   Required
Audio Gateway         Automatic   Required
Headset               Automatic   Required
PIM Synchronization   Automatic   Required
Fax                   Automatic   Required
File Transfer         Automatic   Required
PIM Item Transfer     Automatic   Required
Dial-up Networking    Automatic   Required
Network Access        Automatic   Required
Bluetooth Serial Port Automatic   Required

See the picture below:

Bluetooth Configuration - Local Services
Bluetooth Configuration - Local Services

Note that settings for all services are: "Startup=Automatic Startup" and "Secure Connection=Required" by default. You should leave them as is and change them later when you have a better understanding.


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