Testing Bluetooth Device on Windows XP


How to test the Bluetooth device on my Windows XP System?

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If you want to test the Bluetooth device on your Windows XP system, you can use the "Diagnostics" tab on the "Bluetooth Configuration" tool:

1. Turn on the Bluetooth radio as shown in the previous tutorial.

2. Click "Start" > "Control Panel".

3. Double click "Bluetooth Configuration".

4. Click the "Diagnostics" tab.

5. Click the "Refresh" button. If the Bluetooth driver is installed and the Bluetooth radio is turned on, you will see the diagnostics test report as below:

Name: ThinkPad Bluetooth with Enhanced Data Rate II
Status: Active
Type: USB

Device Status: The selected device is working properly.
Manufacture: Broadcom Corporation
Firmware Revision: Version
Device Address: XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX
HCI Version: Bluetooth HCI 2.1
HCI Revision: 5160
LMP Version: Bluetooth LMP 2.1
LMP Sub Version: 4235

See the picture below:
Bluetooth Configuration - Diagnostics


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