Enter Bluetooth Passkey on Sumsung Cell Phone


How to enter the Bluetooth Passkey on my Sumsung SGH-A777 cell phone? The Passkey was created by yourself on the fly in "My Bluetooth Places" on my Windows XP as the initiating device.

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If you created a Passkey yourself in "My Bluetooth Places" on my Windows XP as the initiating device, you can enter it on your Sumsung SGH-A777 cell phone to finish establishing the Bluetooth connection.

1. Make sure that Bluetooth is turned on for your laptop and cell phone.

2. Initiate the connection and create a Passkey youself in "My Bluetooth Places" on your Windows XP as shown in the previous tutorial.

3. Click "Next". Window XP will try to connect to cell phone.

4. At this moment, your Samsung SGH-A777 cell phone will show a prompt: "Passkey to: MYLAPTOP"

5. Enter the Passkey (for example: 697277) and press "Pair" on the cell phone.

6. The Bluetooth connection is established. You will see a list of services offered by the cell phone on the "Bluetooth Security Setup" screen on your laptop. You can ignore it for now.


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