Open Bluetooth Device without Passkey Protection


Can I open my Bluetooth device on my laptop without passkey protection?



If you are having trouble entering the passkey during the Bluetooth connection, you can change the configuration on your laptop to not use the passkey.

1. Double click on "My Bluetooth Places" on the desktop.

2. Click "View or modify configuration". You see the Bluetooth Configuration window showing up.

3. Click "Local Services" tab. You see the list of services supported by your Bluetooth device.

4. Select "File Transfer" and click "Properties..." button. You see the properties window showing up.

5. Uncheck the "Secure connection" checkbox and keep other settings unchanged:

Service: File Transfer
Start up automatically: Checked
Secure connection: Unchecked
Bluetooth exchange folder location:
   C:\Documents and Settings\...\Bluetooth Exchange Folder\
Remote users may modify read-only files and folders: Unchecked
Remote users may access hidden files or folders: Unchecked

6. Click "OK" to save the change.

7. Click "OK" to close "Bluetooth Configuration"

WARNING: With this setting, your Bluetooth Exchange Folder is open for anyone to access without the passkey. So turn off this setting immediately after you finish the test.


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