Receive Address Book Contact on Windows XP from Phone


When an Address Book contact is sent from my cell phone to my laptop, where the contact is stored on my laptop?



If you send an Address Book contact on your Samsung SGH-A777 cell phone to the Bluetooth device on your laptop, you can find out where the contact is stored with these steps:

1. On your laptop, run "Start > Control Panel > Bluetooth Configuration".

2. Click the "Local Services" tab. You see a list off all services offered on the laptop's Bluetooth.

3. Double-click on "PIM Synchronization". You see the default settings on your laptop handles PIM items received from the Bluetooth connection:

Synchronization may be initialized from either device.

When "Do Not Synchronize" is selected for a specific
data type on either device, synchronization will not
take place for that data type.

To enable synchronization for specific data types,
select the available PIM for each desire data type:

Business Cards: Synchronize Outlook Express
Calendar Items: Synchronize Microsoft Outlook
E-Mail: Synchronize Outlook Express
Notes: Synchronize Microsoft Outlook

Based these settings, the Address Book contact of "Bill King" is synchronized into Outlook Express now.

Run "Outlook Express", you will see "Bill King" contact listed.


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