Send MS Outlook Appointment from Windows XP to Phone


How to send an Outlook Appointment entry from my laptop to my cell phone using the Bluetooth connection?



If you have an appointment entry or meeting entry in your MS Outlook Calendar on your laptop, you can save it as .vcs file and send it to your cell phone:

1. On your laptop, run Outlook and open the calendar item of "Sales Meeting".

2. Click "Save as" and select "vCalendar Format (*.vcs)" format.

3. Save the contact in "Bluetooth Exchange Folder": C:\Documents and Settings\user\My Documents\Bluetooth Exchange Folder\Sales Meeting.vcs

4. On you cell phone, select "MYLAPTOP" and run the "Browse Device" command in "Options" menu.

5. Select "Sales Meeting.vcs" and run the "Get" command in "Options" menu.

6. When the transfer is done, the contact is save on your laptop.


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