ThinkPad Bluetooth Driver Detailed Information for Windows 7


How do I see more detailed information on the ThinkPad Bluetooth driver that I installed earlier on my Windows 7 system?



If you really want to see more detailed information on the ThinkPad Bluetooth device driver you installed earlier on your Windows 7 system, follow these steps:

1. Click the Windows "Start" button and type in "Change Bluetooth Settings" in the Search field.

2. Press the "Enter" key to run the "Change Bluetooth Settings" program. You will see the "Bluetooth Settings" window showing up.

3. Click the "Hardware" tab. You will see that "ThinkPad Bluetooth 3.0" driver is listed next to the default "Microsoft Bluetooth Enumerator" driver.

4. Double Click on "ThinkPad Bluetooth 3.0". You will see the "ThinkPad Bluetooth 3.0 Properties" window showing up.

5. Click the "Driver" tab and click the "Driver Details" button. You will see the "Driver File Details" window showing up with the following information:

ThinkPad Bluetooth 3.0

Driver files:

See the picture below:
Bluetooth Settings - ThinkPad Driver File Details


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