Add a folder in Windows 8 file picker menu when saving a file


Is there a way to add a folder when saving a file using the file picker menu? When one saves a file, there is a very good chance that he/she will need to create a new folder to organize the content in the particular library. I believe such option should exist, and I am just wondering if it can be done or if not, why is it left out?

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Thanks for the feedback! In Windows 8, we have built a picking & saving experience that is tailored for those experiences specifically. It's always a tough balance to make sure the user can accomplish their scenario in a fast and fluid way (without distractions) while also having the necessary functionality to complete their scenario. In this case, we have an existing tool (file explorer) that is great at file management tasks (including new folder) that has been improved even more in Windows 8 (see Improvements in Windows Explorer blog post). This allowed us to keep the file picker focused purely on picking/saving while not duplicating functionality that already exists in file explorer.

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