Seagate Free Agent Desktop won't recognize my hard drive in Windows 8


My Seagate Free Agent Desktop does not recognize the hard drive on my new computer with Windows 8. Although I can still use it to save and transfer all data from one to the other, I lose the menu features of the Seagate such as Backup and Sync. It worked fine on my older computer which ran on Windows XP. I did try the compatibility mode troubleshooting and that did not help.

The message in Seagate Manager appears as :
No external drives were found. Make sure your external drive is connected and turned on.

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Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Devices and Printers, right click the unit and Troubleshoot and see if anything turns up.
I believe that the software that is in the device is not Windows 8 compatible and that is why that it won't Sync or backup without recognizing a hard drive. Speak to Seagate if they have any answers.

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