Bluetooth Pairing from LG P925 Phone to Windows 7


How to pair my LG P925 Phone to my Windows 7 laptop computer?



If you have a LG P925 cell phone and a Windows 7 laptop computer, you can pair your phone to your laptop computer using these steps:

1. Make sure the Bluetooth is enabled on your Windows 7 computer with "Allow Bluetooth devices to find this computer" turned on.

2. On your LG P925 phone, tap on "Settings" > "Wireless & networks" > "Bluetooth settings". You see "Bluetooth settings" showing up.

3. Make sure "Bluetooth" is turned "on" and tap on "Scan for devices". You see a list of names representing Bluetooth devices near your cell phone.

4. Locate the Bluetooth name "NEW_LAPTOP" that represents your Windows 7 computer. You see "Pair with this device" displayed below the name.

5. Tap on "NEW_LAPTOP". You see a message screen showing up with:

Bluetooth pairing request

To with "NEW_LAPTOP", confirm that it is showing the passkey: 

[Pair] [Don't Pair]

6. Go to your Windows 7 computer immediately and click the pop up message display to accept the Bluetooth pairing as shown in the next tutorial.

7. Go back to LG phone and tap on [Pair] to finish up the pairing. The "Pair with this device" message is replaced with "Paired but not connected" under "NEW_LAPTOP".


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