Turning on Bluetooth on LG P925 Running Android 2.2.2


How to turn on Bluetooth on my LG P926 to allow other Bluetooth devices to find and connect to my phone?

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If you have a LG P925 cell phone running Android 2.2.2 system and want to turn on the Bluetooth service for Bluetooth connections, you can follow these steps:

1. Flick the screen to find the "Settings" icon and tap on it. You see "Settings" menu showing up.

2. Tap on "Wireless & networks" in the menu. You see "Wireless & network settings" showing up.

3. Tap on "Bluetooth settings" in the menu. You see "Bluetooth settings" showing up.

4. Tap on "Bluetooth" to turn on Bluetooth service. If you see the checkbox icon is grayed out, tap on "Bluetooth" again until the checkbox is checked.

5. Tap on "Device name", if you want to change the default name "LG P925g".

6. Tap on "Discoverable" until the checkbox is checked.

Your LG P925 cell phone is ready for Bluetooth functions now.


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