Accepting Bluetooth Pairing from LG P925 Phone on Windows 7


How to accept Bluetooth pairing from my LG P925 cell phone on my Windows 7 computer?



If you are trying to pair your LG P925 cell phone to your Windows 7 laptop as shown in the previous tutorial, you need to accept the pairing using these steps:

1. On your Windows 7 laptop, make sure that the Bluetooth is enabled with "Allow Bluetooth devices to find this computer" turned on.

2. On your Windows Phone, tap on "Settings" > "Wireless & networks" > "Bluetooth settings" in the menu.

3. Locate the Bluetooth name "NEW_LAPTOP" that represents your Windows 7 computer. and tap "Pair with this device" below the name.

4. Go to your Windows 7 computer immediately. You see a pop up message displayed:

A Bluetooth device is trying to connect
Click to allow this.

5. Click on the pop up message. You see the "Add a device" window showing up:

Compare pairing codes between your computer and this device
This will verify that you are connecting to the correct device.

552664                         LG P925g

Does the code above match the code on the device:
(*) Yes
( ) No
( ) The device is not displaying a code

6. Click "Next" to accept the pairing request from your LG P925 cell phone. See the picture below:

Bluetooth Accept Pairing from LG Phone
Bluetooth Accept Pairing from LG Phone

7. Go back to cell phone and tap on [Pair] to finish up the pairing.


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