Find Bar shows up unwanted!


When I'm using my laptop, whether it be Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, or on my documents when I'm searching for something, the "Find" bar keeps showing up and interrupting me. It shows up on the top right corner when I type "t", "y", Caps Lock, the left Shift, Tab, and Backspace. The only way I can reply to anyone online is to type my reply on Wordpad and copy & paste it where I want it. It's been doing this for one week now and I really need it fixed. It will go away when I press "Esc", but it comes back when I type one of the keys I mentioned. I can't find it in my Extensions or Search Engines. I'm really unsure of what to do! Help?

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suspect you mean the search bar, and I further suspect you have a laptop with a trackpad. If so it is the source of your problem.

There is a third party app called trackpad pal that locks the track pad while you are typing so it doesn't interfere.

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