File History and restore to another PC


I would like to use the File History feature of Windows 8 and so far it has been working fine. However, I have come across a scenario and need input on practicality for the following:

1. File History working well and keeping 3 month of file versions on external USB drive
2. System crashes and new HDD required
3. New Windows 8 system loaded on to HDD and all is up and running
4. Time to use File History for restore.... BUT

From what I understand you cannot "point" the new Windows 8 machine to use the external drive with previous File History. You will need to do a manual copy and paste from the external USB (by selecting the appropriate file in the File History directory on the USB drive).

The problem is, File History appends the date and time stamp, thus the file name changes. For example, MYDOC.DOC become MYDOC.DOC ((2013_04_04 18_27_46 UTC).

How do you remove the parenthesis from the file name when copying the file back to its original location or is File History not a "system restore" type utility. Whilst the parenthesis will not stop applications working (like WORD, OUTLOOK etc), it looks horrible and creates these long file names that is unwanted

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Please write to us with the following details.
• Is this issue confined any particular file or folder?
Follow the steps given her to hide the file extension in windows 8 and check for the issue.

a) Press Windows Key + E.
b) On Windows Explorer click on View tab.
c) Un-Check File name extensions to hide file extension..

When this option is checked, files will show its extension (file type) also, like filename.mp3, filename.txt, filename.avi, filename.doc etc.

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