google chrome keeps trying to install


Google Chrome keeps trying to install over and over and over. Its not shown in the list of programs. I have run antivirus and antimalware and the PC is now clean. How do I stop this?

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As per the problem description, I understand that Google Chrome keeps on trying to install itself without your permission. You scanned your computer for virus/malware and its clean now.

I would appreciate if you can provide us the following information to help us understand the issue better.

You mentioned that you scanned your computer for virus/malware and its clean now, did you notice any Google Chrome installation attempt after that?

Do you remember installing any program just before this issue?

This problem may appear due to virus/malware attack on the computer. If the problem persists even after scanning your computer for virus/malware possibly the computer is not clean yet.

Scan your computer with Microsoft Safety Scanner just to make sure that the computer is free of all infections.

Download and run Microsoft safety scanner to scan your computer for viruses

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