Laptop crashes when turning Wifi on


I have a laptop with window 8 on it, and up until tonight it has been running fine, but I have dropped off the internet on it, and my wifi connectivity has been disabled, and whenever I try to turn my Wifi capability back on it crashes and then it restarts saying if I want to know more, look up DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION

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To be able to diagnose what might be causing your system to crash, we need the dump files. In an ideal situation, more than one file would be needed to establish a pattern so if you do have more than one, please upload them.
If you are having trouble with the instructions about how to upload and share the files , please refer to the video tutorials in the links below.
Before watching the videos, there are a few things to remember about what is needed here, and how to accomplish the task.
1. Upload the files to a new folder on OneDrive.
How to upload files to OneDrive.
2. Make the folder public.
3. Get a link. (see video below)
3a. Shorten the link if you want to.(optional)
4. Highlight the link, right click it and copy it.
5. Navigate back here and Paste (ctrl+v) it into the body of your post here.

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