windows 8 will not let me edit hosts file


try to edit hosts file within file explorer I get a message saying I do not have permission to edit the files. I own this computer. When I run notepad as administrator, click file, click open, then navigate to drivers etc, the folder shows as empty: does not show hosts file. I want to block a website. How do I edit the hosts file?

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Is your computer connected to a domain network?
Try the following steps and take full control of the file and check.
Open file or folder properties (right click that file/folder).
Click Security tab.
Click Edit button.
Click Add.
In the picker window, type user or group to whom you wish to assign permissions. The user or group must already exist.
In the permissions, click Full Control.
Click Apply
Click OK to close all open windows.
You may try the following steps to block the website.
Launch Internet Explorer > Tools > Internet Options > Security tab > Restricted Sites > click Sites tab > type the website address in the empty box and click Add > Close > OK

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