Touch pad Tapping is still active after it is disabled!


I have a Samsung laptop with Windows 8. I disabled Touchpad Tapping in the touchpad settings (both one-finger & two-finger) however, the touchpad STILL clicks when tapped! I went to the settings again and Tapping is still disabled, yet this continues.
It is extremely annoying when I am working with Excel or the Internet and my thumb barely brushes the center of the touchpad and it messes up where I am typing or closes a tab. Lol.

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Request you to perform the steps and check if it helps.
Step 1:
a. To open Charms bar, Press Windows key + C from the desktop.
b. Tap on search and type ‘touchpad’ without quotes.
c. You may click on settings on charms bar.
d. See if there is an option to uncheck the tapping button.

If you are unable to find the touchpad from the search bar, you may try to perform next method.

Step 2:
a. Press Windows Key +R, type Control Panel.
b. Select Mouse c. Click on the tapping heading to make changes in sensitivity line.
d. You can adjust sensitivity of your choice.

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