Drive_Power_State_Failure Windows 8


Drive_Power_State_Failure Windows 8 I keep getting the BSOD with the message Drive_Power_State_Failure with my Asus S56CA Windows 8 (64bit). I already refreshed as well and restore the computer to factory setting but the problem still continues. The laptop gets stuck in a cycle of BSOD after waking from sleep or hibernating. After checking the driver in save mode, I noticed that there is an issue with the Generic Non-PnP monitor; I'm not even sure if this is the type of monitor the laptop came with or not. I have tried everything to fix this for five days now and nothing is working and it is very frustrating, it takes forever to start up after shutting it down. Also, this issue started up after attempting to use an XBOX360 HDMI to connect to the TV.

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The files inside of the zip (the crash dumps) are shortcut files, not the actual crash dumps. Can you please zip up the actual crash dumps themselves and then link them here?

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