windows audio not running


I've looked on many forums and websites tried every thing and its still not audio isn't working there's a red X over the sound icon and when i click on it a detecting problems thing comes up it says one or more windows services aren't working.I looked on forums and it said to see if windows audio was running i checked and it wasn't running .I checked to make sure all the dependencies were running and they were. I checked my virus protector storage and re-enabled what i thought was windows audio (because someone on a forum said that worked)and it still didn't work. I also tried the command prompt scan thing and for some reason it wouldn't start the scan. i don't now what to do can some one

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Is AVG the antivirus that is installed? If so, other users have reported a similar issue recently and you could look at restoring recent files that AVG may have quarantined such as discussed in the following link:

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