How to manage files in photos app and Windows Explorer


I have over 2000 pics in my pictures folder and need an easy way to select groups of pics to place in folders. There must be any easier way to do this then by dragging each pic up to the designated folder. When I get down to middle of screen I can not even drag them up that high to place in named folder. Also , the photo app from the start screen just says "pic library" and slides shows them or collages them. how do I create folders using photo App? There must be something I am missing because this just seems ridiculous for as much as this computer cost kinda starting I still had an old school easy to use computer.

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To select multiple pictures, you can follow these steps provided here.

a. Press and hold Ctrl and select the pics one by one.
b. After you have selected multiple pics, you can either select 'Cut/Copy' from top Home tab in Windows Explorer OR use shortcut keys Ctrl + X to cut/paste or Ctrl + C copy/paste.
c. Open the folder that you would like to move the files and then use Ctrl + V to paste the files.
To create Newfolder from Photos app, you may follow the steps provided here.
To create a Newfolder
In the Photos app, go to where you want to create the folder.
Swipe up from the bottom edge.
(If you're using a mouse, right-click within the app.)
Tap or click New folder.
Enter a name for the folder and then tap or click Create.
To cut, copy, paste, rename, or delete files
In the Photos app, go to the folder with the files you want to organize.
Select the files.
Tap or click the command you want to use.
Do the following:
Do the following:
For Cut or Copy, go to the new place where you want to put the files or folders, and then tap or click Paste.
For Rename, enter the new file name, and then tap or click Rename. (You can only rename one file at a time.)
For Delete, tap or click Delete.

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