Microsoft Teredo windows 8


it does not work(code 10). what suffest to do?help me please! my laptop delays to start!

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To turn off Teredo tunneling interface 6to4 open an elevated command prompt and type netsh interface terredo set state disabled.

To Re-install it
Click on Start.
Type Device Manager in search box and open it.
Click the Action tab at the top and click add legacy hardware then click next and next again it will then scan and find nothing click next on the screen after that.
Wait a minute and you will see a list of hardware appear, scroll down and choose network adapters then click next, then from the left column choose Microsoft then in the right hand column scroll down and choose Microsoft Teredo Tunneling Adapter, then click next and this will install it.
To check just make sure it is set to show hidden devices, right click on device manager on the right and click view then show hidden devices.

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