Windows 8 blue screen Kernel Data Inpage error?


I keep getting the blue screen and with an error message saying "Kernel data inpage error" and it's really annoying because its so common and when the error happens it just restarts my whole computer and deleting all my unsaved work. It's getting really annoying it happened 5 times yesterday before I got annoyed and did a factory reset. After the factory reset I still keep on getting the error message. How do I fix this?

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For dumps to be produced. . .
â–ª Page file must be on OS drive
*Page file base allocation size must be > than installed physical RAM
*Windows Error Reporting (WER) system service should be set to MANUAL
*Set page file to system managed on the OS drive
*Set system crash/recovery options to "kernel Memory Dump"
*User account control must be running.
* Sometimes SSD drives with older firmware do not create DMPS (update firmware)
*Cleaner applications like Ccleaner delete DMP files so dont run them until you are fixed.

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