Downloading and Installing vStrip


Downloading and Installing vStrip

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"vStrip" is one the most powerful DVD ripper and VOB file processing program. Here is what I did to download and install it:
1. Go to
2. Click the file to download it to C:\temp\
3. Unzip the downloaded file to C:\local\vStrip directory.
4. Run the vStrip command to see the usage information:

vStrip - version 0.8f_css, by [maven] (, CSS-code by R0TfL.

  vStrip [@]In [-Options] [[=]IDs]
  In  denotes the input-file and has to be the first argument. 
      If a '@' is prepended to the name, it is read as a streamlist
  -!  defaults to strip everything,
  -2  creates a DVD2AVI 1.76 project-file,
  -b  disables macrovision removal,
  -d  enables demux mode (not producing a VOB anymore),
  -e  disables VOB-assumptions (no 2048 byte sectors), enables demux,
  -g  only keeps GOP-Headers of the Video-Stream(s),
  -l  lists the CELL-Positions parsed from the IFO-file,
  -u  tries to parse (and output) UDF-filesystem on In,
  -c  splits the VOB by CELL-ID,
  -v  splits the VOB by VOB-ID,
  -oL sets the output filename to L (add '+' in front to append),
  -iM sets the IFO-file filename to M,
  -jN sets default angle for IFO-Parsing to N (=1, 0 disables removal),
  -pO selects program-chain (PGC) O (from IFO-file) and enables 
  -$P splits output-file(s) after P megabytes (1024KB chunks),
  -aQ changes the aspect-ratio to Q,
  -fR changes the frame-rate to R,
  -sS seeks to LBA S (2048 byte sectors),
  -wT sets the end LBA to T (2048 byte sectors),
  -tU file IO: clib then ASPI (U=1), ASPI then clib (U=2), clib only 
  -kV sets the key to V (5 hex bytes, no spaces),
  -mW a key deduced from a padding-stream is worth W normal guesses 
  -nX sets the number of times a key needs to repeat to X (=2),

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