Error code Ox80070035


Im getting an error code message appear. It reads as 'windows cannot access \null pre updates . html The error code shows up as Ox80070035. Can anyone tell me how to fix this- keep it simple please

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Please answer each of the following [admittedly tedious] diagnostic questions in a correspondingly-numbered list in your very next reply, preferably without quoting this post:

1a. When (approx. date) did you purchase the computer?
1b. Did the computer come with Win8 preinstalled, did you do a clean install of Win8, or did you upgrade a (e.g., Win7) computer to Win8?
2. What is the full name of your currently-installed third-party anti-virus application or security suite (i.e., not Windows Defender!), if any, and when (approx. date) does your current subscription expire?
3. What third-party anti-malware applications (i.e., not Windows Defender!) are installed, if any? What third-party firewall, if any?
4. Has a(nother) Norton application or a McAfee application EVER been installed on the computer since you bought it?
5. Did a Norton free-trial or a McAfee free-trial [pick one] come preinstalled on the computer when you bought it? (Doesn't matter if you never used or Activated it.)
6a. Is KB3021952, KB3034196, KB3013455, KB3023562, KB3031432 and/or KB3029944 listed in Installed Updates (not Update History)? [1]
6b. How about KB3000853, KB3008273, KB2973544, KB2917499 and/or KB2871389?
6c. Has Windows 8.1 ever been offered to your computer via the Windows Store?
7a. What Update Version & KB number are displayed in the second line of text in IE10's Help | About [Alt+H+A] tab; e.g., Update Version: 10.0.54 (KB1231231) ?
7b. Is Firefox, Chrome or any other alternate browser installed?
8. Is Adobe Flash Player v16.0.0.305 installed? TEST HERE USING INTERNET EXPLORER ONLY! =>
9. Are you in the habit of using "Registry cleaners" (e.g., Registry Mechanic; System Mechanic; RegCure; RegClean Pro; Advanced SystemCare; Registry Booster; McAfee QuickClean; AVG PC TuneUp; Norton Registry Cleaner; PCTools Optimiser; SpeedUpMyPC; PC Doctor; TuneUp Utilities; WinMaximizer; WinSweeper; Comodo System Cleaner; Advanced System Optimizer; CCleaner's Registry Cleaner component)?

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