Is it ok to partition an sshd?


I recently bought a laptop with a 1tb hybrid drive with 8gb ssd. I have partitioned hd's on previous laptops but wondered if this was still OK with a hybrid.

I'm not after any performance increase just some safe storage for files if I ever need to reinstall for os for instance. Just wanted to know if partitioning will have an adverse effect on the sshd in terms of speed and reliability?

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I'm not aware of any adverse effects with your type of drive. But let me point out that what you want to do is not the way to guarantee safe storage. It is always possible that a hard drive crash, user error, nearby lightning strike, virus attack, even (especially with a laptop) theft of the computer, can cause the loss of everything on your drive, whether it has multiple partitions or not. As has often been said, it's not a matter of whether you will have such a problem,but when.

The way to protect your data is by regular backup to external media.

If you image the entire drive, there is no particular value to having a separate partition for your data, but if you want to backup only your data, you may find that its easier if it's in a partition of its own.

One other point. It may be minor, depending on your drive and how you configure it, but having your data on a partition separate from your operating system and programs puts the farther from each other and increases the time taken for head movement. That might slow down the computer a little.

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