What can we do to get the start menu back in Windows 8?


Is there a petition for aggravated Windows 8 users. I have tried for months to make the Windows 8 tile start screen my friend but I can’t take it any longer, downgrading back to Windows 7. I have the Nokia Lumia 920 and enjoy Windows Phone 8 but its not on the desktop. Come on Microsoft, yield. I won’t upgrade any PC's at work with Windows 8, staff hate tile, it’s counterproductive for experienced Windows users. Microsoft must be killing PC manufactures, no IT managers I know or work with will deploy windows 8 in the enterprise other than smart phones and tablets.

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A modicum of research would have given you the answer.

A Bing search on "Restore Start button Windows 8" gives nearly TWO MILLION results.

You presumably are unaware that Windows 8 has two modes - the modern GUI (tiles), and Desktop mode that looks and behaves just like Windows 7?

On your Start screen, click the Desktop tile to go into the Desktop.

You can tell your computer to boot into the Desktop mode by default (and reinstate the Start button as well) by using one of these utilities:

While on the Start Screen type - Help

Or Win Key + Q = Search Apps - Help

Or Charms Menu - Search - Apps - Help

After any of the above -> On left click -> Help and Support.

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