How to disable auto signin for xbox games on windows 8


No Xbox console. Only computer. This is Xbox on Windows 8 on my computer. Each time I start the Microsoft Solitaire Collection, Xbox Games Auto sign in my husband. I would like each of us to sign in at will. So how can we have a manual log in to our favorite games and Disable the AUTO SIGNIN? It makes no sense to complete the Daily Challenge under his login.

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Suggest you to create different user accounts, since the issue might be causing because of:

1. Microsoft Account being used as the sign-in user credentials which makes it to sign into the Xbox associated games (a few games from the Microsoft Store) i.e. The Solitaire Collection using the same credentials for the Xbox Live Account.

2. Else the user has a local account on the computer but while downloading the game he\she's downloaded using his\her Microsoft Account.

Suggest you to create a new user account with the user credentials and then each user will be able to play the games with his\her credentials.

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