How do I register MSWINSCK.OCX file on Windows 8?


I recently got a error message when trying to run a application for hosting a virtual private server. When I tried to run the application that runs the private server I got a error message saying: Run-time error '339': Component MSWINSCK.OCX or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: A file is missing or invalid. So I run command prompt and put regsvr32.exe mswinsck.ocx and it said the binary cannot be found so I downloaded it and re typed that into the command prompt but it still says it cannot be found. How do I register 'MSWINSCK.OCX' when command prompt keeps saying its not found?

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For those who also need help, download a MSWINSCK.OCX file. Then drag it into SysWOW64. Then go to command prompt and run as administrator and type in regsvr32 c:\windows\syswow64\MSWINSCK.OCX. It is caps sensitive so if your MSWINSCK.OCX is lowercase like this: mswinsck.ocx then you have to put mswinsck.ocx with lowercase when typing into the command prompt. This works for registering all .ocx files.

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