how can I stabalize the location of my desktop icons in windows 8


I work from the desktop pretty much 100% of the time and I put about 10 desktop icons with apps I use constantly. I kind of would like them to stay in the same place, but they keep moving around the screen. I have "auto arrange" disabled. What I do use a lot is the side program, so I'll have desktop up on the main part of my screen and the side window has messenger.

Every day I boot up, my icons have moved around the screen, usually ones I've placed horizontally on the lower right of the screen end up vertically aligned on the upper left.

I've search for others reporting this, but have not found any search results to work from.

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If you use the snap feature to snap a non-desktop app to the side of the screen, the desktop itself will get resized to a new physical pixel size, and the icons will move accordingly (so they aren't hidden off-screen and unavailable to you). The effect is just like if the monitor resolution was changed (users who use Projectors/TV's, or other monitors frequently see this "icon move" problem, so you aren't alone).

Unfortunately there's not much that can be done directly to fix this, at least not default. There are programs such as the awesome "Desktop Fences" that the StarDock company produces that help corral and group desktop icons.

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