Cannot install Windows 10, hangs at Starting download window


I have been trying to download and install Windows 10 for god knows how many weeks (months by now) now and it has just continuously come up with this screen and well... the download doesn't start. It's been so long I have actually forgotten how I even got this far into the set-up. How do I successfully download Windows 10?

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Run the Windows update Troubleshooter and check if it helps:

Press “Windows + X” and select Control panel.

In the search box, type troubleshooter, and then click Troubleshooting.

Under System and Security, click Fix problems with Windows Updates.

Then restart. If that does not work, try performing the upgrade manually:

Pre-requisite Task

When making significant changes to your computer such as updating the operating system, you should always backup. See links to resources about backing up by clicking the link for the respective version of Windows you are running: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1

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Disable (preferrably uninstall) your Antivirus utility before attempting the upgrade.

Restart a few times then try again.

Disable General USB Devices (example - Smart Card Reader).

If you are using a SCSI hard disk, make sure you have drivers available for your storage device on a thumdrive and it is connected. During Windows 10 setup, click the Custom Advanced Option and use the Load Driver command to load the appropriate driver for the SCSI drive. If this does not work and setup still fails, consider switching to a IDE based hard disk.

Perform a clean boot, restart then try again.

If you are upgrading using the .ISO file, disconnect from the Internet during setup, if you are connected by LAN (Ethernet) or Wi-Fi, disable both then attempt setup again.

If you are updating through Windows Update, when the download reaches 100% disconnect from the Internet LAN (Ethernet) or Wi-Fi then proceed with the installation.

If that does not work, try using the .ISO file to upgrade if possible.

If you are connected to a domain, switch to a local account.

If you have any external devices attached to the machine, disconnect them (example, gaming controllers, USB keys, external hard disk, printers, non-essential devices).

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