File explorer crashing when scaling at 175%


I have just upgraded to Windows 10 and installed the latest Nvidia drivers with my dual screen.

It seems to be working well, except when I want to use the scaling function "change the size of text, apps and other items" to 175%. Whenever i click on the file explorer, it crashes instantly along with the taskbar, which restarts.

So I put back to 150% and it works, but my screen is a bit far and I would like to put the scaling a bit higher.

Do you know a way to solve this ? I did not try yet to play with the finer options, changing separately the size of text, icons, etc...

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Method 1: Uninstall and reinstall display drivers.

Press “Windows key + X” and click on “Device Manager”.

In the list of devices, you should see the Display drivers.

Right click on the device and then select "Uninstall".

In the uninstall dialog, make sure you select the option to delete the driver package from the system. This causes the driver package installed earlier to be deleted.

In the Action menu of Device manager, select “Scan for Hardware changes” option. This will cause the device driver to be reinstalled. Once the driver is installed, close all windows and restart the computer.

Method 2: Restart File explorer.

Press Alt+ctr+Del from Desktop.

Select Task Manager.

Under process tab, locate Windows Explorer.

Right Click Windows Explorer and select End Task.

Now select on File tab and click Run Task.

Type explorer.exe and press ok.

Check if the issue persists.

Method 3: SFC scan.

System File Checker (SFC) is a utility in Microsoft Windows that allows users to scan for and restore corruptions in Windows system files. Perform System File Check (SFC), and then check if this fixes the issue.

Press the Windows button + X on your keyboard, a mini dialogue box will appear.

2. Choose Command Prompt (Admin). You must run the command prompt in Administrator level.

3. On the command prompt type sfc /scannow and hit enter.

4. If everything went okay and no errors were found, restart your computer and see if the issue re-occurs.

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