How can I set a pswd for the admin acct - Win 10 ?


I recently enabled the admin acct. and noticed that when I click the 'sign in' tab , I'm in. I'd want to follow my best practice of setting a pswd for any acct on my pc. So, I'd like to know the best approach to do this for the admin acct.

and if there are any known issues when doing this aside from forgetting the pswd.

Which does lead into a 2nd Q. If I do forget or have a problem with all pswds is there a procedure to reset them ? Has never happened to me but just in case.....

Whic I'm referring to the built-in admin. acct. The reason I enabled it was for troubleshooting. I always use a defined user acct. for day-to-day use. I want to assign a pswd to the build-in admin. acct.

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Administrator once enabled you can manage it in Control Panel \ User Accounts just like you would with any other user account and set a password.

Quickest & Easiest and worry free way to bypass passwords if forgotten, is to just reinstall windows freshly.

Setting a password for the built-in Administrator is not a best practice. Leaving the built-in Administrator disabled until needed is a best practice.

If you forget the password to the built-in Administrator, or if someone else (like a professional technician or your executor) needs to use the built-in Administrator, you're up the creek with no paddle.

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