View Running Processes in Task Manager on Windows 7


How to view running processes in Task Manager on Windows 7? My computer is slow and I was told to check how many processes are running.



"/> On a Windows 7, on top of applications you are currently running to your work done, there are many other system services and applications that are running invisibly in the background. If want to see a complete list of processes representing all running services and applications, you can follow these steps:

1. Start the Task Manager as shown in "Start Task Manager on Windows 7" tutorial.

2. Click the "Processes" tab and click the "Show processes from all users" button. You will see a list of all processes that are running on the computer.

4. Review the list by looking at information from different columns:

  • Image Name - Name of the original program file of the process.
  • PID - Process ID of the process.
  • User Name - User name who started the original program of the process
  • Memory - Memory used by the process
  • Description - A short description of the original program of the process.

You can also click the column to sort the list by the clicked column, for example "Description".

The following picture shows you an example of the process list screen in Task Manager on Windows 7:
Windows 7 Task Manager - Processes Tab


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