What Is Task Manager on Windows 7?


What is Task Manager on windows 7? What can I do with Task Manager?

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Task Manager on Windows 7 is a system processes (tasks) management tool. It allows you to see and manage:

1. Applications - Shows a list of applications that are running on the system. You can click the "End task" button to terminate any applications.

2. Processes - Shows a complete list of processes resulted from running applications and background service jobs. You can click the "End task" button to terminate any processes.

3. Services - Shows a list of all system services that are defined on the system. This list includes both running and stopped services. Note that multiple services could be hosted by a single shared process.

4. Performance - Shows usage diagrams on CPU, memory and disks.

5. Networking - Shows usage of network connections including both Ethernet and Wi-Fi connections.

6. Users - Shows a list of all users that are currently signed on the system. You can click the "Disconnect" button to terminate any user sessions.

The following picture shows you an example of Task Manager performance screen on Windows 7:
Windows 7 Task Manager - Performance Tab


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