How do I install Windows Media Player 11


How do I install Windows Media Player 11?



Before you install the Player, we recommend that you review the Readme for indows Media Player 11 for Windows XP.

To install Windows Media Player 11

1. Go to Microsoft Update and install any high-priority updates that are available for your computer.

2. Go to the Windows Media Download Center.

3. At the top of the Web page, you'll see three boxes (Download, Version, and Language). Select the following choices in the boxes: •
In the Select Download list, click Windows Media Player. •
In the Select Version list, click Player 11 (for Windows XP). •
In the Select Language list, click the language version of the Player that you want. In most cases, this should be the same language as your operating system.

4. After the Web page refreshes, click the Download Now button.

5. When the program asks you to either run or save the setup file, do one of the following: •
If you have a slow Internet connection such as a dial-up connection, we recommend that you click the Save button to save the file to your computer. Then double-click the file to start Windows Media Player 11 Setup. •
If you have a high-speed Internet connection, you can click the Run button to start Windows Media Player 11 Setup.

6. Follow the instructions in the Setup Wizard.

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