Save Resource Handles with Process Explorer on Windows 8


How to save resource handle information to a file with Process Explorer on Windows 8? I want to keep a copy of all resource handles of Firefox.



When you are viewing the DLL library dependency tree with Dependency Walker in Process Explorer, you can same the DLL dependency tree to file using these steps:

1.Right-mouse click on C:\fyicenter\ProcessExplorer\procexp.exe and use "Run as administrator" to start Process Explorer. You will all processes displayed in a tree structure.

2. Locate and select the Firefox process "firefox.exe".

3. Click menu "View > Show Lower Pane" to open the process details pane.

4. Click menu "View > Lower Pane View > Handles" to list resource handles only.

5. Click menu "File > Save as".

6. Locate folder and enter file name to save data to C:\fyicenter\process_explorer_handles_and_dll.txt.

7. Open the file in notepad. You will see something like:

Process CPU Private Bytes   Working Set PID Description Company Name
System Idle Process 92.75   0 K 24 K    0       
System  0.39    164 K   308 K   4       
 Interrupts 0.35    0 K 0 K n/a Hardware Interrupts and DPCs    
 smss.exe       328 K   44 K    308     
csrss.exe   < 0.01   1,748 K 720 K   428     
csrss.exe   0.30    4,408 K 60,488 K    484     
 conhost.exe        1,368 K 356 K   6608    Console Window Host 
wininit.exe     1,076 K 40 K    492     
winlogon.exe        2,652 K 1,312 K 544     
explorer.exe    0.14    141,972 K   72,068 K    5836    Windows Explorer    
 TpKnrres.exe   < 0.01   976 K   404 K   3400    Microphone volume control module    
 hkcmd.exe      1,736 K 1,036 K 2848    hkcmd Module    Intel Corporation
 igfxpers.exe       2,192 K 2,332 K 3632    persistence Module  Intel Corporation
 msseces.exe    0.03    6,148 K 1,396 K 3676    Microsoft Security Client User Interface    
 firefox.exe    0.46    590,156 K   157,012 K   5160    Firefox Mozilla Corporation
Process: firefox.exe Pid: 5160

Name    Description Company Name    Path
actxprxy.dll    ActiveX Interface Marshaling Library        
advapi32.dll    Advanced Windows 32 Base API        
api-ms-win-downlevel-advapi32-l1-1-0.dll    ApiSet Stub DLL     
api-ms-win-downlevel-advapi32-l2-1-0.dll    ApiSet Stub DLL     
apisetschema.dll    ApiSet Schema DLL       C:\Windows\System32\apisetschema.dll
apphelp.dll Application Compatibility Client Library        
arial.ttf           C:\Windows\Fonts\arial.ttf
arialbd.ttf         C:\Windows\Fonts\arialbd.ttf
arialbi.ttf         C:\Windows\Fonts\arialbi.ttf
ariali.ttf          C:\Windows\Fonts\ariali.ttf
atl.dll ATL Module for Windows XP (Unicode)     C:\Windows\System32\atl.dll
atl100.dll  ATL Module for Windows      
    C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office 15\root\office15\atl100.dll
ATL90.dll   ATL Module for Windows (Unicode)        
AudioSes.dll    Audio Session       C:\Windows\System32\AudioSes.dll
avrt.dll    Multimedia Realtime Runtime     C:\Windows\System32\avrt.dll
bcrypt.dll  Windows Cryptographic Primitives Library        
browsercomps.dll        Mozilla Foundation  
    C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\browser\components\browsercomps.dll
C_936.NLS           C:\Windows\System32\C_936.NLS
C_949.NLS           C:\Windows\System32\C_949.NLS
cabinet.dll Microsoft® Cabinet File API     C:\Windows\System32\cabinet.dll
calibri.ttf         C:\Windows\Fonts\calibri.ttf
calibrib.ttf            C:\Windows\Fonts\calibrib.ttf
d2d1.dll    Microsoft D2D Library       C:\Windows\System32\d2d1.dll
d2d1.dll.mui    Microsoft D2D Library       C:\Windows\System32\en-US\d2d1.dll.mui
d3d10_1.dll Direct3D 10.1 Runtime       C:\Windows\System32\d3d10_1.dll
d3d10_1core.dll Direct3D 10.1 Runtime       C:\Windows\System32\d3d10_1core.dll
d3d11.dll   Direct3D 11 Runtime     C:\Windows\System32\d3d11.dll
d3d8thk.dll Microsoft Direct3D OS Thunk Layer       C:\Windows\System32\d3d8thk.dll
d3d9.dll    Direct3D 9 Runtime      C:\Windows\System32\d3d9.dll
d3dcompiler_47.dll  Direct3D HLSL Compiler for Redistribution       
    C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\d3dcompiler_47.dll
d3dx10_40.dll   Direct3D 10.1 Extensions        C:\Windows\System32\d3dx10_40.dll
davclnt.dll Web DAV Client DLL      C:\Windows\System32\davclnt.dll
davhlpr.dll DAV Helper DLL      C:\Windows\System32\davhlpr.dll
dbghelp.dll Windows Image Helper        C:\Windows\System32\dbghelp.dll
devobj.dll  Device Information Set DLL      C:\Windows\System32\devobj.dll
dhcpcsvc.dll    DHCP Client Service     C:\Windows\System32\dhcpcsvc.dll
dhcpcsvc6.dll   DHCPv6 Client       C:\Windows\System32\dhcpcsvc6.dll
dnsapi.dll  DNS Client API DLL      C:\Windows\System32\dnsapi.dll


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