ListDLLs Command Syntax on Windows 8


How to use Windows Sysinternals ListDLLs command on Windows 8? I want to know the ListDLLs command syntax.



If you want to see the syntax of the Windows Sysinternals ListDLLs command, you can follow these steps:

1. Start a command line window by run "Command Prompt" as administatror.

2. Type in "C:\fyicenter\ListDlls\ListDlls /?" to see ListDlls command syntax:

C:\fyicenter\ListDlls\ListDlls /?

Listdlls v3.2 - Listdlls
Copyright (C) 1997-2016 Mark Russinovich

usage: listdlls [-r] [-v | -u] [processname|pid]
usage: listdlls [-r] [-v] [-d dllname]
  processname   Dump DLLs loaded by process (partial name accepted)
  pid           Dump DLLs associated with the specified process id
  dllname       Show only processes that have loaded the specified DLL.
  -r            Flag DLLs that relocated because they are not loaded at
                their base address.
  -u            Only list unsigned DLLs.
  -v            Show DLL version information.

For example:

  • "listdlls -v outlook" - List the DLLs loaded into Outlook.exe, including their version information:
  • "listdlls -u" - List any unsigned DLLs loaded into any process:
  • "listdlls -d mso.dll" - Show processes that have loaded MSO.DLL:



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