'Experience this in Silverlight' Message on Windows 7


Why I am getting this "Experience this in Silverlight" message?

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If you are visiting a Microsoft Web site that has a video object and your browser does not have the Silverlight plug-in installed, you will get the "Experience this in Silverlight" message in a black window like this one:
Experience this in Silverlight

The detail of the "Experience this in Silverlight" message says: Install the latest version of Microsoft Silverlight and light up the Web. Don't worry! We won't install any additional stuff on your computer or try to sign you up for anything.

If you get this message from a trusted Web site, like Microsoft Web site, then you can click the "Download the free Plug-in" link to install the latest version of Silverlight.

If you get this pop up window from unpopular Web site, just ignore the message to avoid getting any spyware.


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