Installation Instructions of Silverlight 3 on Windows 7


Where can I find installation instructions for Silverlight 3?



Silverlight 3 is a Microsoft product. You can go to this Microsoft Web page for installation instructions on Silverlight 3:

Installation instructions on Silverlight are divided into 4 main steps:

1. Verify your system requirements - Make sure you are running a Silverlight-compatible Windows operating system and browser and that you have uninstalled any previous version of Silverlight.

2a. Download Silverlight - For Windows Internet Explorer users: The browser will prompt you to either run or save the installation file (Silverlight.exe). Click Run to start the download. When the download is finished, the browser prompts you again to run the installer. Click Run to start the installation. Note that you must have sufficient administrative privileges to install Silverlight.

2b. Download Silverlight - For Mozilla Firefox users: Save Silverlight.exe to your hard disk. Once the download is finished, click Open. The installation starts.

3. Install Silverlight - If you are running the Windows Vista operating system, you will be prompted for security permissions. To continue, you need to approve. Click 'Install now' after reviewing the license agreement and privacy statement. If you have had a previous version of Silverlight installed, or are using Mozilla Firefox, you will need to restart your browser. You can now use Silverlight.

4. Verify - Verify your installation by experiencing the Silverlight site.


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