Download Silverlight 3 for Firefox on Windows 7


I heard that Microsoft Silverlight 3 has some nice features. How can I download Silverlight 3 for Firefox on my Windows 7?



Downloading Silverlight 3 for Firefox on Windows 7 can be done in 6 steps:

1. Run Firefox first.

2. Go to the Silverlight installation page at:
Install Silverlight Web Page

3. Click the red link "Experience this in Silverlight Install the free Plug-in" at the top left corner.

4. When the "Opening Silverlight.exe" dialog box shows up, click the "Save File" button.

5. When the "Enter name of file to save to" dialog box shows up, save Silverlight.exe to the desktop.

6. Check the file size of "Silverlight.exe", it should have 4,938,616 bytes.


Silverlight on Windows 7

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