"@" - Stop Echoing the Command


How to stop echoing the command when running in a batch file?

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By default, when a command is executed in a batch file, the command will be echoed on the screen before the execution.

You can stop this default behavior by starting the line with @ as shown in this batch file, quiet.bat:

rem Public comment - Show it on the screen

rem Show command and output
echo %random%

@rem Private comment - Don't show this comment

@rem Don't show the next, just show the output
@echo %random%

if you run the above batch file, you get:


C:\fyicenter>rem Public comment - Show it on the screen

C:\fyicenter>rem Show command and output

C:\fyicenter>echo 11066

As you can see on the screen, all command lines started with @ are not echoed on the output.


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