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What are build-in commands designed to be used in batch files?



Here is a list of built-in commands designed to be used in batch files:

  • Call - Calls and runs another batch file or program. When the other batch file or program ends, continue to run this this batch file.
  • Echo - Displays messages, or turns command-echoing on or off.
  • Endlocal - Ends localization of environment changes in a batch file, restoring environment variables to their values before the matching setlocal command.
  • For - Runs a specified command for each file in a set of files.
  • Goto - Directs execution to a line identified by a label in this batch file. When the label is found, it processes the commands that begin on the next line after the label.
  • If - Performs conditional execution of the given command.
  • Pause - Suspends execution of a batch file and displays a message prompting the user to press any key to continue.
  • Rem - Enables you to include comments (remarks) in the batch file
  • Setlocal - Starts localization of environment variables in a batch file. Localization continues until a matching endlocal command is encountered or the end of the batch file is reached.
  • Shift - Shifts the position of parameters passed into this batch file.


"call" - Run Another Batch File

Using Batch Commands

Using Batch Commands

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